Site Instructions

This site is arranged in a way that may not be immediately obvious when just browsing it randomly.  Unfortunately that’s just sort of the way it works when you use a content management system.   It’s also at least partially due to the order I thought to add articles to the site (hint: randomly).   To help make this site as easy to use as possible, I’ve created a series of categories and pages for tying useful information together.

If you want to focus your attention in a specific area, there are really two approaches.  The easiest way is to use the categories.  All articles are tagged with the appropriate categories to make them easy to find even when you have no idea what information might be available.  If you know what you are looking for, the other way to find it is to simply use the search box.

These categories are:

  • General – These are articles that aren’t really in any of the categories below.  They may be my thoughts, ideas, or other random things.
  • Education – An article that describes something in great detail.  This information tends to be general purpose about a very specific thing.  For example, the educational article about the 4021 chip talks about the chip and how it works, but it doesn’t explain any specific way to use it.
  • Hardware – Any article that is focused mostly on hardware.  This is mostly for how to put together the electronics in a project.  Some articles are also in the Education category and provide useful information about hardware components.
  • Software – These articles are about writing code, configuring software, using development tools, or other software related topics.  They will often include sections of code, but also may simply redirect you to the NerdTAS GitHub page.
  • Instructions – These pages present lists of links to several other articles that represent the instructions in a multi-step build process.  They often include links to articles from the other categories, and they generally provide the links in an order that makes the most sense when trying to follow along yourself.