Welcome to NerdTAS

This site is all about how to build, configure and use your own home made TAS robot from scratch.  A TAS is a Tool Assisted Speedrun of a video game.  That means that either a player is using a tool to stitch together all of the best segments of tons of attempts at a speedrun, or that an actual tool is playing the game itself, typically with a recorded set of joystick inputs that is being played back.   In general, it is supposed to be a machine playing a game better than a person can because it can be very entertaining to see a game played as close to “perfectly” as possible.

Tool Assisted Speedruns used to have a bit of a negative image that is only recently starting to be removed.  Some shady folks used to use tools to make amazing speedruns, and then try to pass them off as though they played them without help.  This gave TAS a very bad name in the speedrunning community.  Somewhere in the fairly recent past however, people realized that these speedruns were wildly fun to watch, and that as long as they were called out for what they are, they may just not be so bad.

If you build your own NerdTAS robot and make speedruns with it, be sure to tell everyone that it’s a TAS so we don’t end up back in the place where TAS has a bad name again.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck if you try to do this.